Individualized Products

Donuts? You might wonder why we are displaying snacks that do not imply a more healthy lifestyle. At StartLSG we invite you to help us come up with catering concepts of tomorrow – among other challenges.

As provider of end to end onboard products and services for the travel industry we have made it our mission to produce innovative and delicious on-board meals. But we can always go one further. How about personalized meals? Will you accept the challenge?

Accompany us in the fast-changing world of airline catering, logistics and the transition to a business that is driven even more by the highest customer demands. Find out where you fit in best and discover LSG Group inside out.

We are more than you think


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Program Start

The application process for StartLSG is currently on hold.


Simply create a JobSubscription with your desired entry level "trainee" and receive active information about when the application phase starts.

Program Setup

You can look forward to 24 months of exciting work in a fast-changing industry:

  • You'll choose your own program whether it is an operative or admistrative focus.
  • You'll get the chance to be part of a corporate responsibility project.
  • You can choose individual trainings to enhance your practical assignments, tailored to your individual needs.

Are you ready for this exciting journey?

What comes next?

Previous StartLSG graduates now work as  Project Manager Operations, Manager Supply Chain Solutions & Execution, Account Manager,  IT Sales and Account Manager, Manager Equipment Department and Manager Opex.

Where you end up after completion will depend on your experience and the needs of the company. As you had the time to get to know our company very well, we are sure that you will find the right fit for you.

Salary, Benefits and Location

  • Salary of EUR 45.000 p.a.
  • Flight benefits / discounted tickets
  • Free public transport
  • and many more… please refer to the job posting
  • Locations are Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich