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Protecting your personal data is very important to us. Therefore, in the following we would like to inform you about our data protection principles. The respective Lufthansa company to which you are applying is committed to upholding these principles, allowing you to apply within a trustworthy process.

Data usage in the application management system

User accounts
To register for our application management system each user has to set up a user account. A user account consists of at least the following information:
First name
Last name
User name
E-mail address

The storage retention period of a user account is six months. After 6 months the acceptance of the data protection regulations must be renewed by the user. If the renewal is made, the account storage is prolonged for a further 6 months.
If the user still has an open application in process at the time of expiration, then the storage retention period is automatically prolonged until this application process is completed.


Login via Social Media Networks
This function enables you to register with one of your existing social media network user accounts (LinkedIn, Xing, Google). In so doing, the only thing that is verified is whether you have a valid account with the selected social media network, which you can use to login here. The result of this check is then automatically transferred to the application management system. However, be reassured that no further exchange of data takes place between and your selected social media network.

Application relevant data
The answers and information you provide while completing the online application will be saved along with your name until the end of the application process. After that, your results will be stored in anonymous form, without your name, for further statistical evaluation purposes. This statistical data record does not allow any type of inference to the actual person and serves solely as a basis for statistical evaluations.

Applications to a job offer
If you have applied to a job offer your data will be made available to the specialized department which posted the position as well as to the relevant personnel department.

Recognition of declined applicants
If your application does not lead to an employment contract, a recognition data record will also be stored. We need this data record in order to recognize you should you apply anew. Your entire specialized qualifications will have been deleted in this data record.
The recognition data record includes the following information:
- Last name
- First name
- Date of birth
- E-mail address
- Applicant number

A recognition data record is permanently deleted after 365 days. The recognition data record of applicants for apprenticeships is permanently deleted after 180 days already.

Simultaneous application for jobs to several companies in the Lufthansa Group
In the event that an applicant applies to multiple job positions with different companies in the Lufthansa Group, those personnel departments which were directly applied to will be made aware of all simultaneous applications. This is done to ensure efficient handling of applications. Application data will not be shared.

Particularities for Flight Attendant applications
Within the framework of their application process, applicants applying for Flight Attendant positions must state specifics regarding their height, weight, diopter left eye, diopter right eye. This data is immediately processed to create a qualifying value. Only this qualifying value is stored, not the initial data. This value is then only made available to the personnel department responsible for Flight Attendant selection within the respective company of the Lufthansa Group.  

TalentHub participation
A user account and a completed talent profile are required in order to participate in TalentHub. The collection and processing of personal data takes place only to ensure network activities such as i.e. to contact Talents, to send vacant job offer suggestions and for event invitations. TalentHub is a Lufthansa Group-wide network. Access to Talent profiles is therefore available across all companies within the Group. Data processing outside of the Lufthansa Group does not occur. The Talents must renew their data protection policy consent every six months, if the extension consent is not granted, the data is deleted.

Security when dealing with person-related data
Your data it is being automatically encrypted during its transfer to our application management system. The precautions taken to protect data always correspond to the current status of technology.

Enforcing and complying with data protection statements
Deutsche Lufthansa AG commits itself to complying with the data protection points stated above.

For questions or suggestions regarding data protection in our application management system, please contact:

Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Lufthansa Aviation Center LAC
60546 Frankfurt am Main