Aktuell werden keine Bewerbungen für den Einstieg als Lufthansa Flugbegleiter/-in ab Frankfurt oder München angenommen.
Möchten Sie informiert werden, sobald eine Bewerbung wieder möglich ist, dann legen Sie ein Job Abo an!

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Flight Attendant
based in Frankfurt or Munich

The job of a Flight Attendant is more demanding than one often thinks: being able to deal with passengers in a continuously friendly manner, quickly finding one’s place within a team, living-up to service expectations, and keeping a cool head even in difficult situations. – Do you bring these skills with you? And would you like to fly on short-haul, medium-range and long-haul routes from Frankfurt or Munich very soon?

Then we look forward to your application as a Flight Attendant with Lufthansa, as soon as we accept applications again.

As an alternative to an online application we offer Flight Attendant castings.

Flight Attendant Casting

The check-in for your job above the clouds.
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