Introduction english test

In the following test you can get an impression of the type of English test you may encounter when applying for various positions. At the end we will show you all the answers so that you can see if you chose the right ones.
The individual exercises in this test are made up of questions, statements or gap texts. For each question several different solutions are available for selection. Your task is to select the solution which you think is correct.

You will see different types of answers.

  • for some exercises there is only one correct solution.
  • for other exercises two alternatives may be correct.

With each exercise you will be informed how many answers are required. You can find examples for each type of exercise, below.

First example

One answer is correct.
Please fill-in the gap by clicking the mouse on one of the 4 options.

"I ______ from Germany."

1."I ______ from Germany."

The correct answer is "come".

Second example

Two answers are correct.
Please select the two correct answers from the 4 options.

Which two words have a similar meaning?

2. Which two words have a similar meaning?

The two correct answers are "short" and "brief".
Please click on the 2 answer options.

Remark: please only click on 2 answers. If you click on more or less answers (technically possible) then you have not solved the exercise correctly.

Please click on "continue" to access the exercise.