Sustainable Logistics

Bubble Wrap? Let’s be realistic – it is still part of the transport business. But did you know that – at Lufthansa Cargo – environmental protection is one of our top corporate goals? Let's fulfill it together!
Join Lufthansa Cargo's international logistics trainee program if you share our passion for airfreight and if you strive to work for a company placing a great value on social and environmental commitment!

During your time as a trainee you will get deep and broad knowledge of the core processes of Lufthansa Cargo and build a valuable professional network. Look forward to operative practical assignments, self-selected projects and trainings, a social project and...a down-to-earth, honest and fun work environment.

We are more than you think

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Program Start

StartCargo will start once per year:

  • Spring (01 April)

We just closed the application process and will start recruiting soon again for the intake of the next generation.

Simply create a JobSubscription  with your desired entry level "trainee" and receive active information about when the application phase starts.

Program Setup

You can look forward to 18 months of exciting work in a hands-on industry:

What comes next?

Generally, our program qualifies you for a position in Handling, Sales, Sales Steering, Product or Process Management.
Previous graduates now work as Manager Global Warehouse Handling Performance, Manager Supply Chain Management, Manager Safety Management & eAnalytics, Manager Joint Venture Development and Manager Price Steering & Processes.

Where you end up after completion will depend on your experience and the needs of the company. As you had the time to get to know our company very well, we are sure that you will find the right fit for you.


Salary, Benefits and Location

  • Salary of EUR 50.000 p.a.
  • Flight benefits / discounted tickets
  • Free public transport
  • and many more… please refer to the job posting
  • Primary Location is Frankfurt